Sit in a quiet place in nature, or in indoors and light a candle, incense or essential warming oil. Take the mala in your left hand and recite a mantra word, sound or prayer that inspires you. The markers and guru bead are not counted. Store your mala in the pouch provided for safekeeping when not in use. Clean your mala with warm water and wash, comb, and trim the tassel from time to time. When it breaks, contact us, and we can repair it for $25.

Wearable Yoga: Yoga Beads

Yoga is a spiritual, mental and physical discipline and practice that originated in India hundreds of years ago. Yoga involves conditioning not just your body but your mind and soul as well, the most common types of Yoga are Raja Yoga and Hatha Yoga. Yoga also teaches powerful stretching and breathing techniques that energize and rejuvenate the practitioner’s energy levels.
Today, yoga has become a hype, people love to wear yoga pants, tattoos, jewelry and t-shirts. Another addition in wearable yoga is malas or to be specific, yoga beads. This is not something new, yogis have been using them for centuries, it helps them with their mantras and because they use the malas for extended periods of time, these malas get infused with positive energies, when yogis are not using the mala they put them around their neck, hence increasing harmony, focus and calm.

Yoga Beads

Yoga practitioners use the 108 bead mala, many people are inquisitive about the number of beads, why 108? There are quite a few theories about it, the most popular one is that 1 stands for the universe, higher truth or God, 0 is for humility and emptiness and finally number 8 is related with eternity, timelessness and infinity.
Yoga beads are a wearable reflection of your devotion to yoga.

Yoga Beads with Gemstones

If you wish to amplify the positive effects of yoga, you should consider using gemstone mala. Each gemstone has different meaning, properties and energies, malas can have crystals, pearls, rubies or other precious or semi precious stones.
Example: if you are using a yoga beads with an Emerald as the guru bead, your yoga meditation will bring you good luck and enhance your well being. Similarly, a mala with a Pearl will induce honesty, purity and tranquility, Pearls can also improve your level of concentration during meditation. Most yoga beads have a Pearl as the guru bead because of it’s close association with meditation.
Know that a mala can become what you want it to be, you can engage the energy of gemstones with your prayers and regular practice.

Yoga Beads for Meditation

Malas are generally used with chants and during deep states of meditation, during yoga you can use them in the following ways:
• Yoga teaches a number of effective breathing exercises, hold your breath and start counting the beads on your mala. See how many you can count before you have to exhale.
• Sit in a comfortable position with your back straight and eyes closed. Relax and empty your mind. And start chanting a mantra or affirmation of your choice, moving one bead every time you repeat the mantra.
• Hold the yoga beads in your right hand, stand up and raise your hands above your head, relax your muscles, and start chanting Om, change your position once you have gone through all 108 beads.
• When performing yoga stretches wear your yoga beads around your neck, this will give you an increased level of tranquility. It’s best not to put your mala on the floor.

Be sure of your intentions when selecting an affirmation or mantra, remember, intuition over intellect! It best to try out the mantra over your yoga beads, see how it feels, and if you think that the chant has effected you in a positive way then keep repeating it.

Our specialty yoga beads are made in Boulder Colorado, USA, from high quality materials and gemstones that withstand the test of time.