Gemstone Mantra Beads – Choose what feels right!

Select from a variation of Colors and Styles

What are Gemstones?

A Gemstone is an organic, crystalline material whose composition is arranged in an ordered structure, and this forms a Gemstone lattice that broadens and extends in all directions. Typically a Gemstone can be identified by it’s geometrical shape that consists of flat faces with specific orientations. Gemstones have been used for decoration, as tools and jewelry for hundreds of years. Many people consider Gemstones to be ‘eye-candy’, but they are more than that, Gemstones have healing properties, when used with other stones Gemstones also amplify the effects of that particular stone. A Gemstone can induce balance and positivity, especially if you are using Gemstone mantra beads.

How to Select a Gemstone

People often get confused when going to select a Gemstone, there are many ways you can do that, one common way is to look up a chart that associates a type of Gemstone with your Zodiac sign, for example its recommended for Geminis to wear the ‘red fire quartz’, ‘rose quartz’ for Scorpios and so forth. You can also follow the method below to select a Gemstone for your mantra beads:

      • Call ‘your’ Gemstone: Whatever you believe in, put your hands together in prayer and ask your higher power for the Gemstone that’s best for you, you may be uncomfortable doing this in a mall or shop, just put your palms together, close your eyes and ask for guidance and wisdom.
      • Feel the Vibrations: Each Gemstone vibrates at a different frequency, use your non-dominant hand and slowly pass it over the variety of Gemstones in front of you. If you feel a sensation or pull from a Gemstone, then that’s the one for you. If you feel the pull from more than one Gemstone then try the next step.
             • Try Them Out: Now remember that each Gemstone has its unique energy, try holding the Gemstones of interest one by one, its also a good idea to take 2-3 different Gemstones home. After 2-3 days you will surely ‘feel’ the Gemstone that’s ‘for you.’

Gemstone Mantra Beads

A mantra is a sound, word or statement repeated to increase focus during meditation, and mantra beads are ideal for that. Beads made out of Gemstones amplify the effects of your mantra. Most mantra beads are made of Quartz Gemstones, which is the second most commonly found mineral on earth. Quartz beads are ideal for purification meditations because of their effects of creating balance and harmony. Mantra beads are not limited to Quartz Gemstones, Gemstones come in many shape, style, color and type. We recommend that you start out with the Quartz, it’s one of the most neutral Gemstones with soothing and peaceful effects.


With us you can select the color and style of your Gemstone beads:
• Color: select from a wide range of colors such as white, clear, red, orange, aqua, olive, green and many more.
• Style: choose a style that ‘feels’ right to you, would you like an adjustable knot? What kind of spacer do you prefer? Or do you want a counter or  tassel integrated in your mantra beads mala.

Effects of Gemstone Mantra Beads:

Mantra beads made out of high quality Gemstones have the following positive effects:

• Purification of heart and soul.
• Stabilization of Emotions.
• Induces balance and positivity.
• The effects will also depend upon the chant or affirmation of your choice.

Our high quality and finely finished Mantra beads are made in Boulder Colorado, USA from carefully selected premium Gemstones.